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Dott. Emanuele Bosi (Dottorando)


I am a PhD student in Bioinformatics, I graduated in Molecular Biotechnology (B.Sc.) at the University of Florence in 2010 and in Bioinformatics (M.Sc.) at the University of Bologna in 2012.

During my studies I have developed a strong interest in the evolutionary dynamics of microbial genomes, and in particular in how the horizontal gene transfer can affect the plasticity of the bacterial genomes and metabolisms. I am also interested in the analysis of such complex systems using mathematical models and graph theory.

Currently, I'm involved into several genome sequencing projects focused on bacterial strains of biotechnological and clinical relevance, such as antiobiotic producers and clinically relevant pathogens.

Here is my CV.

Proud member of COMBO (Florence COMputational BiOlogy group).



 - Mail:

 - Phone: (+39) 0554574736


Home page - Staff - Dott. Emanuele Bosi (Dottorando)
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